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Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”

When: 17 December 2004
Where: DBTI Main quad
Who: Several classmates
Weather: Cold, overcast
Book: The Martian Chronicles

On the last day of school, I opted to bring my Gamecube to the design department’s Christmas party, but the only people who ended up playing it were me and my friend Remo. And I hadn’t slept any of the previous night.

Thinking it would save time, I took an unfamiliar series of bus routes home but ended up going the wrong way. I’d been stranded a lot lately; just two weeks earlier my regular hour-late bus skipped me, and everyone was stuck out on the road until well after dark. Before long, the same situation befell me here, and my windbreaker was not enough for the near-freezing night. I don’t remember how, but eventually, late at night, I made it.

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Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog”

When: 8 December 2004
Where: DBTI Main Quad
Who: The entire faculty and student body
Weather: Overcast, about to rain

My history teacher with his own radio set was a force to be reckoned with. This was Marian Day, a massive tournament of games and sports across every grade and major. I was in the chess tournament, but lost to my good frenemy (and Barnhart chessmaster) Matt Kook. Also, we fired a cannon that the school designed and built itself.

I was starting to get tired, but as I walked across the way Ortiz was playing this on a giant speaker and it really got me going again.

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James Brown – “Sex Machine”

When: November 2004
Where: Nolan Ortiz’s world history class, DBTI
Who: Several classates
Weather: Sunny

Whenever he wasn’t lecturing, Mr. Ortiz wanted to expand our musical horizons, so whenever we took a test he would play us something he judged to be important. Zeppelin, KRS-One, The Doors. People really go into The Doors. To this day, Tech radio automatically plays The Doors when nobody’s DJ-ing. This wasn’t always the case. I remember laboring in Electronics lab under a tinny speaker feebly blaring the morose tune of Steely Dan.

As for “Sex Machine,” my first thought was “oh, that’s the song from the Toyota commercial.”

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