The Vines – “Kara Jayne”

When: 20 March 2008
Where: My bedroom
Who: Nobody
Weather: Unknown

I was really excited to hear this song. 2008 was not the great music year I’d expected.

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The Vines – “Landslide”

When: February 2008
Where: My house
Who: Nobody
Weather: Cold, raining

I believe I’ve referenced Monkees equals Monkees before. It’s the game where you match a band to a TV show based on time period, popularity, critical approval, longevity and overall aesthetic soul. I didn’t know anything about Chuck Klosterman’s game, but almost exactly a year from this point, I would.

I bring this up to say that perhaps no TV show is so perfectly comparable to The Vines than Heroes. Both drew me in at their peak, before gradually devolving into a complete mess. Heroes’ second season was already over due to the WGA strike, now entering its fourth month. And while that season had been inferior, I still wanted more in the hope that I could get something good out of it. Hence “Landslide.”

One morning before dawn, I was sitting at my mom’s computer jonesing for more Vines when this song showed up. It was only a piece of the song but I couldn’t stop listening. Furthermore, it was only available on the other side of the Pacific, so I sent away for the Japanese EP Ride with the Vines! It was a fair disappointment, but my inner fanboy denied it for a surprisingly long time.

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The Vines – “Rainfall”

When: October 2007
Where: CAD Lab, DBTI
Who: Chavez and my classmate
Weather: Raining
Book: I Am America (and So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert

It was the first rain of the season and fall had officially arrived. I was in the CAD lab working on drafts with Mr. Chavez, but I usually finished my drafts early and just drew cross-sections of the Death Star while listening to some podcast, or in this case music.

The Vines – “Ride”

When: March 2004
Where: My Bubby’s house
Who: My Bubby
Weather: Warm, clear

This song was used in the trailer for “Kill Bill, Part II.” I couldn’t help but think of its raw energy as a family friend and I passed posters for the movie on the bus to Beverly Hills. It took way too long and we ended up taking the subway back.

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The Vines – “Get Free”

When: 9 April 2003
Where: My Bubby’s House
Who: My Bubby
Weather: Warm, clear

I got the flu during spring break, and my mom had me stay at my Bubby’s, which was fine, because that house was essentially my vacation home. The house started out as a shotgun shack that was slowly expanded to three times its original size, all in the gleaming style of the Sixties. Also she had cable, I didn’t.

What really worried me was that all of this had already happened. Two months earlier, I went home sick, by that Wednesday all but ten students had been sent home and school was canceled for the rest of the week. And yet here we were again! But this time it was different.

At the house I had waking nightmares, I couldn’t sleep. After a while I realized I would feel better if I just got up, so I did. I plopped myself in front of the TV at 5 AM, and turned on CNN:

Only by having the flu, being at the house, and turning on CNN had I been witness to this historical event. America was vindicated again, we were welcomed as liberators, and the War in Iraq didn’t show up in the news again for three years.

I then changed the channel to MTV2 and watched The Vines.

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