Writing, musing, cooking, occasionally traveling, often overthinking, and more often underthinking.

A site for essays, musings, strange charts, and other things The New Yorker would probably reject.

One comment on “About

  1. Joe Rosenberg says:

    Hi Sam,

    My name is Joe Rosenberg, and I’m a public radio producer based in Los Angeles. From the sound of it, you’ve gotten a lot of attention concerning your posts about LA’s emerging non-rhotic accent, but I’m curious if you’ve been approached by anyone from public radio. Needless to say, both the “hipster” accent — and the Pasadena accent, which I find equally fascinating — might make for a short but audio rich radio feature.

    So, if you could, send me an email at joerosenberg@gmail.com or give me a call at (310) 948-0776.

    And if you want to know more about me, you can check out some of my producing work by searching for stories I’ve produced at WNYC in New York (http://bit.ly/TfiJ7o), MPBN in Maine (http://bit.ly/j7fqCi), or by listening to the opening story which I produced for a recent episode of This American Life (http://bit.ly/PURfTh).

    Thanks so much for your time.


    Joe Rosenberg

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