Velvet Revolver – “Get Out The Door”

When: August 2007
Where: My mom’s car
Who: My mom
Weather: Hot

“Oh, I know who this is,” I said, hearing the song for the first time, “This is Velvet Revolver!” Oh well. Older and wiser, right?

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Velvet Revolver, “Slither”

When: 12 June 2004
Where: Alhambra Street near Alameda and Ord
Who: My father
Weather: Warm, dry

The weekend after graduation, my dad dragged me out to the Inland Empire to watch this:

Afterwards, we went to Philippe’s downtown. When we parked on Alhambra Street (before it was beautified), this song was on. It was the last time I would willfully spend time with my father.

More important was Elliot Van Nest’s graduation party with special guest Nural. I was thrilled to see them in my friend’s aunt’s backyard, and spent slightly over a year attempting to popularize them.

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