The Hives – “Well All Right”

When: Pre-dawn, November 2007
Where: Lake Avenue Station
Who: Nobody
Weather: Icy wind
Book: I, California by Stacey Grenrock-Woods

Where I come from, this was a big crossover hit.

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The Hives “Hate To Say I Told You So”

When: 19 August 2002
Where: My backyard
Who: My parents
Weather: Hot, dry

“Rock and Roll and cartoons existed in the same psychic space for different aged kids.”

–Fred, The Meth Minute 39 Thousand

In 2002, Rock Was Back™ and the Hives were king of the “The” bands, at least for the summer. This was odd, as they hadn’t released an album since 2000, but suddenly “Hate to Say I Told You So” was a hit. I was hanging around my backyard when I heard this on Weekend Becomes Eclectic, after hearing it earlier on KROQ. It actually reminded me of Song 2. And it was good.

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