Peter Bjorn and John – “Young Folks”

When: Pre-dawn, December 2007
Where: North Lake Avenue
Who: Nobody
Weather: Icy wind

A month earlier, I’d had some alarming news: Apparently, I was going on strike.

I’d kept up on entertainment business news for a while, but the decision only reached me by way of The Daily Show, which my friend Wyatt and I made a habit of watching on my iPod every morning on the bus to school. At least we did before I started going early. And when Jon Stewart casually announced “Hey, we won’t be here next week!” it was alarming.

Between this and Ira Glass’ declaration that this moment was the golden age of television, my loyalties firmly shifted to the small screen. And I joined in the WGA strike. And that’s when Monty Park started really taking off.

Everybody called me Monty Park. Catholic schoolgirls driving past me in their cars would scream for me. Girls I never met. Monty Park was my ultimate weapon in the war called High School. But I wasn’t the only one. Chester Tam of The Lonely Island wowed a lot of people with How To Become an Internet Celebrity, which got me to download this song, which I’d heard around. Peter Bjorn and John were the kind of band that blended in perfectly with their surroundings, as this and future albums would later reveal.

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