Garbage – “Stupid Girl”

When: After dark, January 1996
Where: Cal State LA Ceramics
Who: My mother and her ceramics class
Weather: Unknown (likely raining)

’90s nostalgia is at a crossroads. On the one hand, we as a culture are drawing from a time period that people at the time considered a noncohesive polyglot. They turned out to be wrong, but there’s a lot of old stuff worth getting into. On the other hand, the well being drawn from is almost entirely based in children’s cartoons. Even though I was a child at the time, children’s cartoons are a tiny element of that greater world. The band Garbage is also a tiny element, but it’s indicative of more.

What was I doing at my mother’s ceramics class? I don’t know. I’d been a few other times, and it was my window into the world of adults. I saw a side of an era to which others of my age are completely oblivious.

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