Death Cab for Cutie: “Soul Meets Body”

When: October 2005
Where: Outside San Marino Fish Market
Who: My mother
Weather: Cool, partly cloudy

When I hear this song, I think of Lost.

The first time I went to the San Marino Fish Market was a year earlier. I got off the bus from school at Huntington Drive, expecting to take the 79 bus the rest of the way. Typical for the time, the 79 bus went an hour without showing. I looked at the bus bench on the other side of the Boulevard and noticed an advertisement for the new show Lost.

“What a shitty-looking show,” I thought to myself, recalling tv spots for what looked like a really expensive, overwrought survival soap opera.* Of course, Lost was in reality the exact type of show my friends and I would enjoy, but that fact terrified ABC executives. When Lost came on the air, all acknowledgment that such a show existed vanished.

Skip ahead one year. I was a design major at DBTI, and wasn’t going well because we had to take a construction class and I had no idea what I was doing. To dull the pain, I started talking to my classmate Ethan about this weird, crazy, awesome show I was watching the night before, which he informed me was Lost, now beginning its second season. For the show, as for me, it was the breakout period. No longer would I settle in to watch Reba just because it was on. I was a professional appreciator, and my tastes would be king at my high school. Though to be fair, the class president and star football player was also a huge fan of Doctor Who.

It was with this sense of promise that we pulled onto the curb for another Thursday-night dinner.

*Not including the television’s most loathed character Kate.

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