Crazy Town – “Butterfly”

When: March 2001
Where: School yard
Who: Various classmates
Weather: Sunny

I was on my way to be picked up– no more bus for me– when I passed by some kids attempting to rap this song in unison. I felt encouraged, but looking back it feels more like a warning, because this song is an integral part of the film Orange County.

In Orange County, the main character is really excited to go to Stanford. But when he doesn’t get in, its as if he wakes up and realizes he’s surrounded by vapid idiots. The alienation he experiences goes hand in hand with this song. The film was one of many 2001-era media that predicted the central conflict of that era, the Third Culture War. Hipsters vs. Douchebags, Woorstock ’99 vs. Make Music Pasadena. The cast of Jersey Shore vs. the Producers of Jersey Shore.

Without even realizing it, a choice had been placed beofre me: Do you want to get dirty, be trashy for the sake of trashy, or do you try to be civilized? Do you make an effort? I was only eleven, and the choice to come would be neither immediate nor conscious. But it’s one we all made.

Of course, I didn’t even see that movie for another year.

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