Sixpence None The Richer – “Kiss Me”

When: 2 June 1998
Where: Dodger Stadium (season play)
Who: My parents, several classmates, and their parents
Weather: Foggy

The late nineties represents the last time baseball mattered. For one final moment, the vast nationwide public fixed its eye on what was now “America’s pastime” by name only. When several California schools offered special tickets to a game, none of us knew any baseball terms, but we did know the name “Mark McGwire.” There was an unspoken rule: even if you knew nothing about baseball, when someone offered you tickets to see the Dodgers play the Cardinals in 1998, you went.

Nobody cared about the Dodgers then anymore than they do now. Everybody wanted to see Mark McGwire, except for my mom, who out of a love of all things obscure and specific, wanted to see the young Fernando Tatis.

I’d never been to a ball game before, but I was definitely surprised to hear the psych-up song, “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. What were they doing? I thought. This is a song for WB shows!

This incongruity has never been explained to me and probably never will.

The Final Countdown!Next time: World music summons late nineties boogeymen.