Background Music: Snap! – “The Power”

We begin the 1990s in the most stereotypical way possible – the sudden and rapid decline of Communism, hip-hop rising to international prominence, and the appearance of vague “empowerment-chic” that would dominate the decade.

Having “The Power” stick in my personal memory is kind of embarrassing. The song has appeared in at least 13 films, as well as a long-running promo for PBS’ local content for the Pasadena-Los Angeles area. On the other hand, 1990 remains the go-to year for embarrassing/kitschy music (Ice Ice Baby, The Humpty Dance, U Can’t Touch This, Vogue, Free Fallin’), not to mention the fact that Hair Metal was still a point of discussion, so things could have been a lot worse.

The memory associated with this song isn’t so strong. In all likelihood I was crawling around pushing the buttons on my family’s 13-channel, fake-wood-paneled, no-remote RCA television; back when music videos were shown on network TV.

Where: Probably my family’s den (which later became my bedroom)
When: Likely July 1990
Who: Unknown
Weather: Probably around 27 C

Next time: The La’s are either twenty years ahead or twenty years behind with “There She Goes”