Flight of the Conchords – “Carol Brown”

When: 26 November 2009
Where: My mom’s apartment
Who: My mom and bubby
Weather: Cool

I came back home for the first time since my mom moved out of the house. I preferred to take the overnight train– less precious vacation time wasted– and crashed at her apartment reading the latest articles from the AV Club. With a whole week off, I decided to revisit another high school institution that had recently been revived, Flight of the Conchords.

After inviting my dad to thanksgiving for the only time ever, Mom and I gave the new season a look, and I was struck by how much darker it was than the first. It was the story of failure, with the added bonus of Korean songs and budget bears. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it then, but I liked it more later.

Next: I return to a city from my troubled past, but it feels more like trespassing.

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