The Charlatans – “Flower”

When: June 2009
Where: North Hudson Avenue, Pasadena
Who: Nobody
Weather: Mild, overcast

I’d come back to Pasadena for the summer in the hope of fulfilling my childhood wishes. When I got back though, all I found were a scattering of old friends, my parents marriage finally ending, and an assortment of classic TV shows I’d never seen before. I listened to this as I took a Netflix disc to our local post office, which would later close.

The west was dying. Every day were reports of new ghost towns in the interior, miles of brand new subdivisions abandoned. And even stalwart old Pasadena was feeling the pinch as more and more storefronts became empty. I felt like a kid again. I was on the frontier, the edge of the universe, and there was no way out.


Next: The worst year of my life hits its deepest trough as I slip into a very un-summery delirium.

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