The Stone Roses – “Fool’s Gold”

When: 9 May 2009
Where: Capitol Corridor between San Francisco and Sacramento
Who: Nobody
Weather: Warm, sunny
Book: When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

Going back and forth between the Californias got me enough miles on Amtrak for a free round trip, and I needed a vacation. I was incredibly wound-up as finals neared, and I decided to cash in my miles: I was going to Sacramento. It was the easiest city to get to from the Bay Area anyway.

Sacramento proved to be refreshingly warm, and mellow as well. Eating a restaurant burger and garlic fries from Fats in Old Town while sitting on the riverbank? Yes please! I wanted to make a Monty Park video of my trip, and I was listening to this song as the city skyline appeared beyond the rice paddies of the delta. “I need to use this song,” I thought to myself, and I threw it in.

My native accent gets a lot stronger when I’m not home.

Next: Bew-bew-bew!

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