Cake – “Love You Madly”

When: April 2009
Where: My dorm
Who: Nobody…sort of
Weather: Cool

Lindsey was a peculiar girl. She was a gorgeous redhead and my next-door neighbor. In theory we slept six inches apart, but whereas I was fairly active in the 6th-floor Mary Ward Hall general social group, she never spoke to anyone and was rarely seen. The only thing I knew about her was that she listened to my iTunes library; I could hear it through the wall.

One night, she started playing a song… I could only make out the bass, but it was so catchy it drove me crazy not to know what the song was. It wasn’t one of mine. I went to sleep very irritated, and vowed never to forget that signature bass tune.

A month later I was moving my stuff out of the dorm, and into my Dad’s car while listening to my iPod and there it was. Cake. I had it all along. Overjoyed, I raced back up to my floor and knocked on Lindsay’s door. There she was, smiling, tossing a blue beach ball around with people I’d never seen. In the spirit that enraptures all of us when we suspect we may never see someone again, I gave her my sincere regret that I hadn’t taken the time to talk with her like I had with other people on the floor. She smiled, and tossed me the ball.

“Keep it,” she said. I still have it.

It wasn’t the first time an SF State girl gave me a blue ball.

Next: Weekend at Judah’s


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