The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket

When: 31 March 2009
Where: M Car inbound
Who: My ex
Weather: Mild, clear

San Francisco was beautiful, but quite cold as far as I was concerned. I was on the edge of town to begin with, and SF State didn’t suit me at all. How could people take it upon themselves to judge me for not taking drugs? I’d gotten the worst possible impression of the place, and I had to take whatever little victories I could get.

I was so bored it was making me sick, and I thought it best to steer clear of school. According to Buzzfeed, there was a contour in the exterior wall of St. Mary’s Cathedral so shaped that a female breast would appear in the form of a shadow every afternoon. It was better than nothing.

On the train ride up, I noticed my ex-girlfriend reading a book at the other end of the car, and for the misguided purpose of improving her comically bad impression of me, I decided to go over and be civil. The book was East of Eden, taken from a relative’s garage. I told her where I was going.

“Classy,” she said, before I awkwardly walked back to the other end of the car.

Next: Songs for Seafaring.

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