Franz Ferdinand – “Lucid Dreams”

When: Late January 2009
Where: Font Boulevard, San Francisco
Who: nobody
Weather: Cold

If I had to pick the defining song of 2009, that wasn’t by Lady GaGa, I’d easily pick “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. It’s a high-pitched, difficult song in a year of high-pitched, difficult songs. Electrified melodrama.

But the album version of “Lucid Dreams” went way beyond that. It took a normal pop song and electrified it to hell, made random key changes, switched around parts of the songs, and rearranged the lyrics from the single version. It’s buzzing and droning, screeching and beating. It’s like a waking nightmare when you have the flu.

It’s bloody brilliant.

Next: Exchanging records wasn’t about music.

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