Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”

When: 20 September 2008
Where: My dorm
Who: Nobody
Weather: Cold

When I was 18, I had a crush on James Franco. This was not a man-crush, which is platonic. Dee on my floor asked me, “would you suck his dick?”

I replied, “Without hesitation.” I had replied without hesitation. According to Jimmy Dore, you can have one and it’s not gay. And then James Franco got weird and I stopped paying attention.

But this was September 2008, and I was looking forward to seeing him host Saturday Night Live. The episode was mediocre, but the musical guests were Kings of Leon, who I’d just heard of four months earlier. I didn’t think the music was great, but was pleased that I’d bet on a winning horse.

The following month, my mom visited me, and reported much to my surprise that Kings of Leon were actually very popular. This was all news to me, who didn’t listen to the radio and had been concerned with other things, but while the music wasn’t great, I felt it was a personal victory. I needed whatever I could get.

Next: The Rebound.


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