Phyllis Dillon – “Don’t Stay Away”

When: 7 July 2008
Where: My bedroom
Who: nobody
Weather: Hot, dry

The summer after senior year, I never saw anybody from Bosco. Instead, I woke up in my bedroom, alone, and at my own pace. So much preparation for college didn’t leave me much time to go out of the neighborhood, except to work, and as the presidential election really ramped up, I developed quite the schedule. Usually I’d make myself a sandwich, watch Keith Olbermann while eating a sandwich, talk to Jeannie, and finally listen to The Young Turks. I’d gotten into them since the New Hampshire primary, I’d met Cenk at USC a month earlier, and the show stayed comfortably in the background.

TYT was a far more ramshackle operation back then; the post-game show was meant to be after the real show, but it could be hours between the two, as it was on this particular day. I was sitting comfortably waiting for it to pick up when this song came on to fill the dead air. I was eating some Pepperidge Farm cookies, and I should mention at this point that I spent the entire summer sick to my stomach from stress. But I powered through; I wouldn’t let an upset stomach get in the way of college and my sweetheart, and the two were inextricably linked.

And as I considered all of this, the song came back on again. It had been two hours since the promise of the post-game show. Pretty soon after that they came back on. My parents were away, and the weeks that followed would prove to be more uplifting and carefree than I’d expected.

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