The Clash – “Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)”

When: 2 May 2008
Where: Lake Avenue at Walnut
Who: Nobody
Weather: Warm, clear

Considering she lived 300 miles away, Jeannie was the perfect high school girlfriend. She wasn’t the kind of girl I imagined being with up to that point, but I hadn’t really known or cared until I met someone who loved Arctic Monkeys as much as I did. She introduced me to a whole new concept– one-season wonders. It was she who introduced me to Firefly, and Pushing Daisies was still on, but she was certain it would be canceled. It was just that good, she said. It had to go.

Another thing we had in common was Doctor Who– everybody at my high school watched it, but we were an unusual bunch. I hadn’t imagined that what had previously been a cult phenomenon in the US might now have a further reach. I didn’t have cable at home, so I went to my Bubby’s on South Lake to watch it. It was Series Four– not the greatest moment of the show, but a valued experience nonetheless. But it was late at night, and Pasadena was going through a crime wave.

I cautiously made my way home nonetheless, and as I was going through my Clash phase, Sandinista was my soundtrack of choice. It was just about perfect, walking among the empty bank towers, listening closely to some of the creepier lines…

Next: “I am Gopher Boy, pondering reality.”

One comment on “The Clash – “Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)”

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