The Last Shadow Puppets – “In the Heat of the Morning”

When: 14 April 2008
Where: Behind the 500 Building, DBTI
Who: Rob Godinez
Weather: Warm, slight morning fog

So I met my first girlfriend during the SF State open house. More truthfully, we were both ditching the film seminar when we met. I got home soon after, and it was clear to me how she felt. I had a girlfriend. She lived in Northern California, but nonetheless.

I returned to school the following Monday in uncommonly high spirits, only to find all of my classmates writhing in misery. I don’t know what happened to them on that fateful, final open house, but no longer cared that I hadn’t been there. I hung around the film room while Mark Meehan did something or other and listened to this song; a more forceful cover of a Bowie song by Alex Turner, now in a perpetual effort to write the next Bond song. I said hello to Mr. Godinez as he passed by and I was ready for the rest of the day.

Next: The plight of the working man.

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