REM – “Supernatural Superserious”

When: 3 March 2008
Where: My house
Who: My father
Weather: Cold, windy

All through my education at San Francisco State, there was a clear narrative. “Culture is dead, there is no mass media, no one person can reach everyone.” To me it was a doctrine of cultural defeat. They were telling us that there was no point trying to popularize things that were good, so you might as well give in to the douchebags. But for years I knew this wasn’t true. There was a gatekeeper. His name was Stephen Colbert.

REM was not the most revolutionary band he could have had on, in fact they were long past their prime, but it proved my point long before I had one. Why that was is  a story for another day.

Next: The last gasp of The Vines.


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