The Vines – “Landslide”

When: February 2008
Where: My house
Who: Nobody
Weather: Cold, raining

I believe I’ve referenced Monkees equals Monkees before. It’s the game where you match a band to a TV show based on time period, popularity, critical approval, longevity and overall aesthetic soul. I didn’t know anything about Chuck Klosterman’s game, but almost exactly a year from this point, I would.

I bring this up to say that perhaps no TV show is so perfectly comparable to The Vines than Heroes. Both drew me in at their peak, before gradually devolving into a complete mess. Heroes’ second season was already over due to the WGA strike, now entering its fourth month. And while that season had been inferior, I still wanted more in the hope that I could get something good out of it. Hence “Landslide.”

One morning before dawn, I was sitting at my mom’s computer jonesing for more Vines when this song showed up. It was only a piece of the song but I couldn’t stop listening. Furthermore, it was only available on the other side of the Pacific, so I sent away for the Japanese EP Ride with the Vines! It was a fair disappointment, but my inner fanboy denied it for a surprisingly long time.

Next: One last chance at an inside joke.

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