Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos – “Superstar”

When: January 2008
Where: Cabrera’s Mexican Cuisine
Who: Unknown
Weather: Sunny

My eighteenth birthday was a real windfall. I spent most of the winter on a shopping spree, eating take-out, shopping at Borders– I probably kept them open slightly longer. I needed to complete my DVD collection.

The closest Mexican restaurant to my house was Cabrera’s on North Lake, which unfortunately was terrible. I’d been spared some of their worst fare, but when Adrian Lopez gave me a ride home on the way to his work, he told me what he’d been through with them, I knew it was only a matter of time before it was ruined for me.

Before that happened, I was treated to this song. I was waiting for a burrito, and MTV Trés was on. Apparently they still had Total Request Live. Apparently they still had music videos. But the sound quality on the TV show was horrible and tinny. All I heard was Matthew Santos (from the West Wing?) singing distantly and echoing, accompanied only by cliché camera snaps. What a horrible sounding song, I thought. I returned home and took a bite of what tasted like oranges and rotten eggs.

My attitude soon changed, as did my restaurant of choice.

Next: Addicted to mediocrity? Call me.


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