Arctic Monkeys – “Do Me A Favour”

When: 5 January 2008
Where: Hastings Ranch Center
Who: Nobody
Weather: Raining

While the sense of brotherhood at Bosco had never been higher, one couldn’t blame me for wanting to think about other things. A month earlier, I’d noticed an article in the Star-News, written by my old friend Annie. It was about new-feminism and body image and the Rotary Club; it wasn’t totally lucid but it got my attention enough that I started to feel bad for blowing her off when her boyfriend dumped her in the eighth grade.

So, wondering what she was up to, I got a tip off my old science teacher and saw her at a local Starbucks’ where she worked. She told was embarrassed by the article, which she said she wrote in a fit of youthful rage that we’ve all had at some point.

When I came back the next week, the manager kicked me out and threatened to call the police. This was both horrifying and deeply, deeply confusing. I spent the rest of the morning moping around in the rain, listening to this album and a Radiolab special on Wagner’s Ring Cycle, neither of which improved my mood. I was horrified that an old friend would do such a horrible thing out of the blue, but for the most part my thought was “what the hell just happened!?” In the month or so following, my mind often wandered back to that incident.

It was deeply upsetting at the time, but of the five or so stories I usually tell at parties, people seem to want to hear this one the most. Because who the hell gets banned from Starbucks?

I do.

Next: Ukuleles in winter.


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