Stone Temple Pilots – “Silvergun Superman”

When: June 2007
Where: Claremont Street
Who: Nobody
Weather: Foggy

After the exciting events of the spring, I jumped, yearned for summer to arrive so I could make some real trouble. It was not the whirlwind adventure I’d hoped for, but it was good enough, because every once in a while, you realize that there are some fundamental things that you have missed. For me, that meant catching up on Stone Temple Pilots.

I spent much of that June wandering under the fog, confidently walking around town feebly looking for something to do. At the time I was listening to this, I was on my way to get a sandwich after “the Sunflower incident”– yet another failed attempt to do something interesting. But like always, adventure would have to find me. Seeking it out only made me look crazy or stupid.

Next: Hallows Eve.


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