Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”

When: August 2006
Where: Westbound on Mountain Street
Who: My mother
Weather: Hot, dry

For a summer that put so much music on this playlist, I remember remarkable little of it. At some point, I was watching Seinfeld and working on an elaborate poster board. Later, I was eating Macaroni and Cheese and playing Simpsons Hit and Run, later on I tried to copy every Wikipedia entry about individual days onto an Excel Spreadsheet, and there was a girl named Adelaide.

Later, my memories came back to me and the following explanations were made: I got into AP American History in school, and in order to complete it, I had to start in summer school, which I did with several of my classmates as well as a girl named Adelaide. The poster board was made to demonstrate the sectional differences of antebellum America. At the same time I was going into the mountains to work one some merit badges, but the details are lost to me.

The first time I heard the laughter, I thought it was the DJ.

Next: Another case file in missing a song.


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