Weezer – “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

When: 6 April 2006
Where: Sierra Madre Villa Station platform elevator
Who: Nobody
Weather: Raining

Six years ago today, I was waiting for the train, I was just getting into Weezer with their early work, and I had a lot going through my head. I was trying to think of ideas for movies, but the DBTI film club always locked me out, preferring to do endless edits on three fifteen minute films. They worked on it for years. But I was determined to get something done and had attempted a few scripts. My latest, Dublin, wasn’t really doing it for me. It was more of a running daydream than a script; in retrospect it would be comparable to a cross between Brick and The Boondock Saints, an ambitious fiasco. But at least I felt like I wasn’t spinning my wheels; I had a completed script, actors and props (including a customized green Swingline stapler I still use). I needed to relax, so there I was.

I invented this.

Next: The worst song ever written.

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