Franz Ferdinand – “Outsiders”

When: 1 March 2006
Where: My house
Who: Nobody
Weather: Raining

I had Lost fever, and nothing could stop it. After watching a particularly fascinating episode, I took a shower, which not coincidentally is where I come up with most of my ideas when I write scripts. Probably because there’s nothing around to think about, and also because I always get my best ideas when I am unable to write them down.

Anyway, I was thinking about the episode, and this song just popped into my head. I had never thought too hard about it before, but my human mind, always searching for patterns, decided to put the two together. Suddenly, I loved this song and I had to hear it. I got out, put on my headphones and gave it many listens before I finally fell asleep.

As a side note, anyone who is interested in Television history should watch Lost. Even though the ending was a total cop-out, the concepts and style were revolutionary and extremely influential.

Next: Anarchism?

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