The Ramones – “Wart Hog”

When: 16 December 2005
Where: Taylor Doran’s house
Who: Art school people
Weather: Cool, clear

Taylor Doran was someone I knew since I was seven years old. We were classmates at Don Benito and Wilson, our fathers met frequently at the model train shop, and we only lived a few blocks apart. On the first day of high school, however, I was very surprised to see her on the Lake Avenue bus. As I am quick to misidentify people, I waited a few days before reviving the friendship.

She went to the school of the arts at Cal State LA, with a whole cadre of weird theater people (mostly women), and I thought it prudent that I should have an in with them in case I wanted to make a student film. Also, my first real “date” was with her, at what I thought was a Nural concert in Westchester but was in fact a whole set of concerts by hardcore bands that left us both meek and embarrassed.

When I invited her to my birthday party, she turned it around and invited me to hers. This was strange, because her birthday was in October, and I suspected something was up. I was hoping for her to confess her undying love for me. What I got was a toga party where I was one of only two men. It was way too cold for a toga party, but whatever. But everyone suddenly cried out when Taylor put this song on. I’ve never understood why, but perhaps she could writer her own music series and we could find out. On the plus side her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

Next: 2006, the year of everything.

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