Franz Ferdinand – “Dark of the Matinee”

When: January 2005
Where: Montebello Route 20
Who: Several classmates
Weather: Cold, raining

During the storm, I’d started the habit of keeping my discman in my backpack for the long trips back and forth from school. I was on the way back when I was absorbing Franz Ferdinand, passing by the Avon factory when this song suddenly stood out from the rest. Possibly because I’d never heard it before, possibly because I had.

Every other Saturday, my Algebra teacher offered math help, and I needed it. I’m not a math person, and my father has always resented my inability to perform calculus from a young age, which is strange because he is not Jewish, Arab, or Asian. And I heard it again.

When I say it was raining, I mean it had not stopped raining since before he took me to Devil’s Gate a week earlier. For the most part, it wouldn’t stop for a long time.

Next: Here comes the sun (for fifteen minutes)

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