The Music – “Breakin’”

When: February 2004
Where: My garage
Who: Nobody
Weather: Rain

Near the beginning of this series, I mentioned that the likelihood of finding a song without knowing the name of the song, the band, or the lyrics was almost none. But, looking over this playlist, I’d now say there was a 75% chance of stumbling on that song again. This is one of them.

I was bored as hell, so I decided to build a model railroad. I was out there working one Saturday when this song came on. I liked the way it sounded with the rain on the tin roof, but I couldn’t understand the lyrics. Worse, when KROQ referred to it as “The Music,” I failed to understand that that was the name of the band. From a practical stanpoint, it is the worst band name you could ever have.

I found the song many years later while building an autobiographical playlist for my mother.

Next: Ride with The Vines!


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