Norah Jones – “Sunrise”

When: February 2004
Where: California Pizza Kitchen, Santa Anita
Who: My mother
Weather: Rain

It might sound strange, but for me, hearing this song was the lowpoint of this low, low decade.

For some time, my mother and I had made a habit of eating dinner at a restaurant every Thursday. This particular Thursday saw new election polls, a dentist appointment, and a style of children’s dress my mom called “prostitots.” As we ate dinner, this boring song played along.

I looked out the window and saw an out-of-date poster for Looney Tunes: Back in Action, a total flop. The lights of the mall were dim, unsuited for the wet California winter. Frasier and Friends weren’t even good anymore, there wasn’t anything good on TV. The dream of the nineties was dead, it seemed. And I’d just have to live with that.

Next: Maybe it isn’t so dead after all…


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