No Doubt – “It’s My Life”

When: 18 December 2003
Where: Barnhart Middle School
Who: Several Students
Weather: Cold, overcast

Earlier that month, two of the girls at my school invited me to their combined birthday party. I nearly missed it, I had band practice earlier that day, but I arrived on time in the pouring rain. On the advice of my mother, I’d brought journals from Papyrus. Unfortunately, my good friend and landswoman Annie had also bought them both journals from Papyrus.

But I wasn’t discouraged, because during that same trip to the Santa Anita Mall I’d discovered a bright yellow Lakers cap. My attraction to bright yellow things would cause trouble in the future, but when their friend Alex came in, she asked if she could wear it while she danced. I was smitten, and the great drama that dominated 8th grade began.

A month later, I was playing StarCraft after school while this song was on. It was the last week, and I noticed one of my friends IMing this Alex girl. Much to their protest, I managed to get her screen name, but was to embarrassed to use it. For now.

In this manner, the freewheeling, hard-rocking year of 2003 was already over. 2004 had come, and as vivid and colorful and it might have seemed, the waters would be treacherous.

Next: One nation, united under a single song.

Background Music, 2003
No Doubt, Barnhart

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