Foo Fighters – “I’ll Stick Around”

When: April 2003
Where: My Bubby’s House
Who: Nobody
Weather: Warm, clear

The war was going pretty well. All the footage on the news was of soldiers sliding down banisters in Saddam’s palaces, and while we had no idea where the man himself was, it was only a matter of time. Thankfully for the news media, there was a new story: SARS.

For two whole weeks, America was certain that SARS would come and kill us all. So many Asian immigrants were wearing surgical masks all the time, so we as a people took the initiative and started wearing them too. Health scares today pale in comparison to this mass freakout; compare it to Swine Flu, which was way more widespread. I had swine flu, but that’s for a later story.

Tiring of this ridiculousness, and still quarantined with the flu, I changed the channel to Comedy Central, at a time when they were still showing old episodes of Saturday Night Live; on that day it was Anthony Edwards and the Foo Fighters. And I felt a little bit better.

Next: The power of StarCraft.

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