Interpol – “PDA”

When: After dark, 16 December 2002
Where: Pulling into my house
Who: My mother
Weather: Cold, clear

This was Monday, my birthday was Wednesday, my Bar Mitzvah was Friday, my father was in traction, and it suddenly occurred to me as we pulled into the driveway that I left my materials at Temple.

My mother didn’t like this song, but I did and I’d like it a lot more when I was older. We got back in the car, drove through the pitch black hills, got back to the now closed Temple, and my materials were on a table thanks to the awesome caretaker Reggie. My Bar Mitzvah went off fine, I went back to temple twice and never again.

So what can we say about 2002? It was a big change. I may have changed my preferred style of music, my status in the Jewish community, and my school, but I don’t think I’d matured very much. In both my life and my music, somebody else took the initiative and I went along for the ride. But that wouldn’t last.

Next: Wars and SARS! Infatuation and influenza! 2003!

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