Hot Hot Heat – “Bandages”

When: Late October 2002
Where: Glendale Fish Market
Who: My father
Weather: Clear, mild

Nobody in late 2002 could have anticipated the avalanche of New Wave-Revivalists that started with this low-key Vancouver band, even if they had a #1 in Southern California. Fewer still could have predicted that their song “Bandages” would be twisted into a song about Benadryl. But that’s exactly what happened at Barnhart Middle School that fall.

This bugged the hell out of me. First of all, that joke doesn’t make any sense. Steve Bays’ singing wasn’t muffled or ambiguous; when he says “bandages” it doesn’t sound like any other word. Furthermore, the use of Benadryl in its place is meaningless. It’s not a real drug, it’s just antihistamine. And yet the mishearing was not unique to our school.

I ultimately chalked this up to more suburban kid weirdness. The reason I grew up in an urban environment, as opposed to these kids, was that my parents didn’t want me to turn into a bored little psychopath. Based on my experience, this was probably a wise decision.

Next: The White Stripes eschew summer to provide the definitive song of fall.

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