Foo Fighters – “All My Life”

When: 14 October 2002
Where: Gas Station, Glendale
Who: My mother*
Weather: Warm, clear

If the Foo Fighters had stayed on top of the post-grunge food chain, we might have had a chance. They are unquestionably the face and codifiers of the genre; they and Incubus were in still relevant; but unfortunately Sony dumped all their Nickelback and Creed albums on area Wal-Marts and we were left with a mess.

Luckily the Garage Rockers got rid of all that overblown crap, but to your typical 7th-grader, the Foo Fighters were still king.

The first time I heard this was pulling into a gas station in Glendale, the weekend after the network premiere of The Matrix. The song fit, but was atypical of the band. Dave Grohl et al later denounced and rejected their album One by One, pointing to a lack of effort that plagued every other post-grunge act. Suddenly they’d fallen into their own trap, but like Pearl Jam they would rescue their prestige by maintaining a low profile and continuing to work at a steady pace.

But, in the words of Thomas the Tank Engine, that’s another story.

*Yes, my mother is in here a lot. When you don’t have the means to get yourself around, your parents generally do that crap for you and the radio is usually on. I promise they’ll show up less and less starting now.

Next: New Wave Revival shows up way too early, and everybody turns it into a stupid joke.

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