Lil’ Romeo – “My Baby”

When: Late June 2001
Where: Toran Taylor’s pool party
Who: Several classmates
Weather: Hot and dry

A sure sign that you are a fad is to claim that you aren’t a fad. That’s the fate that befell Kriss Cross and Bow Wow, but even they have more name recognition than Lil’ Romeo. On the bright side, somewhere there’s a man the same age as me with an embarrassing childhood rap career and nobody is the wiser.

This was one of the songs we mocked at Toran Taylor’s pool party the weekend after elementary school graduation. It was one of two pool parties, the first of which I got to see Taylor Doran in a swimsuit, which was new. Please don’t confuse these two people, one is a guy, one is a girl. But this party was just for guys, many of the same guys who were sharing the Cherry 7-Up just a few days earlier.

Toran Taylor is now half of the group Delphic Concepts.

Next: 2001 takes a hard left turn for no discernible reason.


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