Dido – “Thank You”

When: June 2001, before dawn
Where: The TV Room
Who: My dad
Weather: Clear

I couldn’t sleep. I was up before dawn every day before dawn getting ready to graduate from Elementary school. On this day, that was perfectly fine, because I had to get ready for a hike. Not up a mountain or anything, just around Pasadena, which is a long, oddly shaped and fairly hilly city anyway.

I was listening and this song came on. Wasn’t the first time, except now it was a sample for a rap song. Several iterations followed throughout the week. At one point, I was carrying a boombox, my leg hit the power button, and this song blasted out of it. It also featured heavily on King of the Hill. For a while it didn’t seem like I could get away from it, but I did….

…Another song took its place.

¡Que generico!

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