SoulDecision – “Faded”

When: 8:00 PM, 31 December 2000
Where: My living room
Who: Several family members
Weather: Cold, clear

“Canuck funksters SoulDecision resembled a boy band, with their male-model looks, wholesome sexuality, and shitty, shitty name, but they actually wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, which made them an anomaly in Lou Pearlman’s heyday. NOW! Volume 5 compiles “Faded,” one of the compilation’s few pleasant surprises.”

–Nathan Rabin

SoulDecision is one of the few mainstream pop-acts to be fawned over by AV Clubbers for two reasons: One, they make their own music and two, the music is good. So this hidden gem was an appropriate dance number for the close of the 20th century.

In Pasadena, you go out on New Years’ Eve, eat a ton of food, shoot silly string everywhere and either camp out on the street or go home. I’ve done both (we’ll get back to that in about nine years), but this time it was just home after some particularly energizing shrimp tempura. I danced my ass off, and none of that Dance Dance Revolution jumping masquerading as dance. I was really into it. I have a picture of it somewhere, my spiky hair and pilot’s jacket, but I don’t know where.

Prepare to get your car buried in toilet paper

Next: We in Pasadena were also very proud to know that the new millennium started in 2001, starting with Daft Punk!

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