Destiny’s Child – “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”

When: September 2000
Where: My mom’s car, westbound on the 134
Who: My mother and my classmate Elizabeth
Weather: Hot, dry

In the summer of 2000, my mom traded in her corolla for a new 2000 Honda Accord, though the new car smell wore off when she drove up to Mammoth to bail out my dad and me. Our car broke down up there and the three of us spent the rest of the trip fishing in thunderstorms. As a side note, rain is great for freshwater fishing, you can do really well.

When I started the 5th grade, a girl from our synagogue was in our class– Elizabeth, who now carpooled with me after school. The previous spring, I’d been shamed into listening to KIIS-FM by a guy who said he’d met Rick Dees and assured me he was an old black dude.

As a result of all of that, this song was most frequently on the air that month as we made the drive to Glendale; a drive that now seems unthinkably long. My mom hated it, but admitted it sounded halloween-ish. I was indifferent, but I sure as hell struggle to listen to it now.

The only car in 2000 that wasn't silver or an SUV.

The only car in 2000 that wasn't silver or an SUV.

Next: The carpool returns, but Elizabeth’s father has different ideas about the radio…


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