Blink 182 – “All the Small Things”

When: August 2000
Where: Bryce’s House, Hastings Ranch
Who: Bryce
Weather: Hot, dry

I may have gone overboard in my willingness to be accepted.

The Spring of 2000 was the era of Gaygate– my friend told me I acted gay, thus instigating a schoolwide scandal. It all seems so silly now, but I went to an all-boys high school so it’s harder to take so seriously. But if this series has proven anything, it’s that I was a very serious, very effeminate ten-year-old.

In my attempt to patch things up I broadened my horizons by letting Bryce introduce me to some of his musical taste– foremost was Blink-182, which I tolerated. I was also a devotee of the Now That’s What I Called Music! franchise, meaning I would get my own copy of the song soon enough; and lo and behold, I was transfomed by the power of the Sony Corporation!

Note: Bands like Blink-182 remind me that Todd Oldham is going to hell for popularizing punk-prep. Don’t worry, early 2000s. It Gets Better.

Incidentally, please check out Nathan Rabin’s seriesThen! Especially the earlier articles, as the later ones just agonize repeatedly over the Black Eyed Peas.

Next: When your trapped in a car with Beyoncé, you start to make compromises…


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