B*witched – “Jesse Hold On”

When: October 1999
Where: My mother’s car
Who: My mother and Chris Macquarrie
Weather: Overcast

By October, the Pokémon craze had reached the Indigo Plateau. The first season was about to end with a bizarre moment of personal introspection. And more importantly, Japanese shows were being imported like crazy. We didn’t need Pokémon anymore.


But an emotional attachment remained. We were driving down El Molino when this song came on the radio. Chris piped up from the backseat, dancing his Pikachu to the music. I warned him that the “Jesse” of which they speak may very well be Jessie of Team Rocket, and that it would be a bad idea to like this song. He agreed, and that’s when hipsterdom was born.

Next: The Nineties come to a close…with a song from the Eighties.


2 comments on “B*witched – “Jesse Hold On”

  1. to be fair, i was 9 at the time.

  2. Sam Huddy says:

    We all were, and I think I was mostly responsible here. I could’ve called this series “strange self-conscious conclusions I reached while listening to music” and wouldn’t have to change anything. But then that would be a terrible title.

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