Todd Rundgren – “Bang on the Drum All Day”

When: July 1999
Where: Monrovia Canyon Road
Who: Flaming Arrows, SGVC Pack 37
Weather: hot and dry

When I think of this song, I think of…Jeff Daniels.

It became clear, even in 1996, that the well was running dry on the kids’ section at Blockbuster Video. Not caring, my mom brought me the shoestring-budgeted Prehysteria! trilogy, whose previews introduced me to the poor man’s Home Alone, Remote. Inexplicably featured on the previews on that VHS was the early Jeff Daniels vehicle, There Goes the Neighborhood, which featured this very song. Incidentally, the movie grossed $11,000, but Daniels found success with Dumb and Dumber, disappeared for a decade, and reinvented himself as a dramatic thespian and old-timey musician.

Flash forward three years, and this song comes on the radio as we wind down the canyon The road is years from being paved, and not even reinforced. Terrified, I say nothing.

Flaming ArrowsNext: Contemporary music takes the wheel.


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