Pokémon Theme Song

When: 7:00 AM, June 1999
Where: The TV Room
Who: Nobody
Weather: Clear

Children’s television was and continues to be the last refuge of television’s old ways. Just Nick and Disney have harshly-lit, videotaped sitcoms, Pokémon had a minute-long opening theme.

I came to Pokémon late, when it was at its peak as a phenomenon that inexplicably enveloped all aspects of life, like Batman in the late sixties. I caught up that summer on early morning reruns on UPN and I was hooked. I can still do a perfect imitation of Jigglypuff, which is really just my Morrissey on helium.

"Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious..."Next: Jeff Daniels channels Todd Rundgren


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