Bob Dylan – “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” (Live)

When: April 1999
Where: My bathroom
Who: My father
Weather: Clear

As I’ve mentioned before, my 3rd grade experience was fairly boring, and despite taking both piano and violin lessons most of my experience with music came from being home after school. While I was alone on fridays, my father made a point of riding a stationary bike in our backyard, long into the night. His choice of music was very limited, his singing was awful. It’s no coincidence that property values in the neighborhood plummeted when he got an iPod.

A particular favorite of his was Bob Dylan’s 1976 live album Hard Rain. My father is one of those people who never got past the ’70s; his knowledge of music ends with Talking Heads, and his constant repetition of this particular album is likely why I can’t listen to several Bob Dylan albums. Thankfully, they are all from his ’70s output.

Next: The big secret about the Phantom Menace.


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