Koji Kondo – “Water Temple”

“The Water Temple Theme.For many people a nice melody for others…A pain in the ass.”

When: February 1999
Where: My house
Who: Nobody, except occasionally the pizza guy
Weather: Rain

The guy who posted the above video got it right. Everybody hates the Water Temple.

At Don Benito, Cameron Cooper and Derek Smith were the kings of the N64. Cameron was an all-around expert and Derek claimed to have beaten Zelda 32 times. I have my suspicions, but I was rubbish with video games altogether. But I wanted to be a part of the pack. I saved up allowance money for my own N64 shortly before my birthday, various games followed as presents. I played and I played and I sucked.

The Water Temple was the worst. I got stuck in there for a month, playing every friday afternoon through the whole of February until I just gave up. I gave Cameron $20 to beat it for me, but despite my pleading he ran out of time and gave the cash back. And I was stuck once again. And then I beat it, sometime around March 6. Alone with my pizza.

The music of Ocarina of Time was magnificent. I didn’t care for the removal of what sounded like a Muslim chant from the Fire Temple, I don’t think it’s offensive, there’s plenty of other Islamic symbolism in that particular game, and I thought it added a lot of real-world charm to such an expansive franchise.

Though I play very occasionally, my skill at the N64 and Gamecube has improved drastically as an adult.

Screw this temple, I'm going homeNext: I get sick and tired of Bob Dylan


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