Average White Band – “Pick up the Pieces”

When: January 1998
Where: My mother’s car, somewhere around New York Drive
Who: My mother
Weather: Rain

Actually, that’s not the optimal video:

Winter in California means rain. Lots and lots of rain. It would snow a few miles from my house, but whatever. There hadn’t been a neverending storm in 60 years (about which more later), but there was still far more precipitation than usual, continuing into the spring thanks to what everybody on the news was calling El Niño.

El Niño has been happening every few years for millenia, but everybody on TV talked about it as if it was new. As I got older I realized that LA newscasters are always surprised by everything. They are surprised every time it rains, they are surprised by mountain lion attacks, they are surprised by the very existence of railroads.

Anyway, it was dark. It must have been a Tuesday or Thursday, during the after school science program, because it was pitch black and raining when my Mom drove me home. She was listening to a very strange Marina Del Rey-based radio station that seemed to exclusively alternate between Vivaldi, this song, and another I’m not sure of but included the lyrics “walking in the pouring rain.”

I liked the rain. At least I liked it before I had to walk around places. I prefer the snow as a result. About which more, much, much later.



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