Paul Simon – “The Boy in the Bubble”

When: July 1997
Where: California State Route 14, northbound through Lancaster
Who: My father
Weather: Hot, clear

My father didn’t tolerate kiddie music, so when he took me on trips up to the Eastern Sierra, he would bring his own tapes. Sam Cooke, Sam and Dave, Gershwin, and this: Paul Simon’s Graceland. My mom’s car didn’t have a tape deck.

Many of the songs on my list are not singular, they aren’t special. These are merely songs played over and over for just a short time, through no action of my own. But they are forever etched into my memory. They are so then that they cannot be escaped. 1997 was my first big music year, and this ’86 release was, in a sense, a vacation from the present day.

Next: The dream of the nineties comes close to an end as Paul Simon returns.

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